A submission – and it´s all bad

Last night I sent off my first submission to a magazine. I edited and re-edited in the knowledge that it was, and would remain a terribly confusing story.

At some point I will present it to a writing group and I will feel bad. Why on Earth did you send this off? they will say. It is so confusing, the register changes, and in sections it makes no sense.

And I will make excuses. I won´t cough near enough as I should to fill in the silence. But inside, I will feel good. You see, according to the net, I am one of a billion people on the planet, of whom 3% will achieve their goals. My goal has been achieved. I wanted to receive the judgement of an editor. And, by jove, I shall be judged. Probably. Anonymously. Not ever knowing what happened to my baby. But it tastes like victory. Kind of. Yay me. Whoopee-doo.


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