Tabletop battles – part three

“Ahead of you there is a barn,” says the GM. I can see his feet swinging backwards and forwards under the table.

“Can you be more specific,” says Rob who is stock still.

“It is made of wood.” The GM´s feet kick out near missing my head.

“What I meant to say was does it appear to be a defensive structure?”

“You mean like with a magical shield?” says the GM. “Well, you could try a detect magic check.”

The GM´s feet grind into the floor.

There is the reassuring clatter of dice.

“Okay. I got a 23.”

“Nice work. You discover that it isn´t protected by magic,” says the GM. “A waste of time but good work.”

Rob grumbles to himself. I can hear his pencil as he fumbles with it.

“I want to sneak up and investigate,” says Matt.

“You mean you want to steal valuable kit before the rest of the team can get their hands on it,” says Veronica. She moves her hip closer to Matt´s who slides away from her.

“Make a stealth check.”

“It´s a 10,” says Matt. He is about to speak when I see Veronica put a hand on his thigh and he stops.

“Okay,” says the GM. “You fall over. But hey, good news. There´s no-one going to see you because they are either in the barn otherwise occupied like milking, dead, or elsewhere. Look, can´t you all just enter a building like fearless adventurers for once in a while without this pathetic faffing.

Veronica´s hand slips away. There is a great deal of coughing. Then silence.

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