Tabletop battles – part four

“The warrior mage disappears in the force of the blast. When the smoke clears his body is gone,” says the GM.

Matt clenches his fist and bangs it down on the table. If he were a dog his hair would be all spiking up. I can hear the growl in his voice as he says, “You mean you killed him off.”

“Well, not strictly speaking me,” says the GM who is hiding behind the screen he uses so that no-one can see his scenario in advance. “I merely implemented the results of the damage table. It was more a failed rescue attempt, really.”

“I can´t believe I did it with a tiny battle axe,” says Rob, wrinkling his eyebrows. The pride in his voice is barely suppressed and there is a smile wrinkling its way into both cheeks.

“Yeah, you came to my rescue with a battle axe charged with flaming burst and you critical hit me and the troll.”

“Well, you probably would have died anyway,” says Veronica. “That troll was giving you a real pounding.”

“You killed off my character,” says Matt. “It took me weeks to buff him up like that.”

Matt grunts and throws his sheet onto the table and storms out.

“He´ll be back,” says Veronica. “And for real – he buffs up his character. What is he some kind of fantasy polisher?”

There is the sound below of a door slamming several times in succession and Matt´s voice echoes around the Craftsman bungalow.

“They had the fucking gall to kill off the best fucking character in the whole fucking team.”

“Seeing as we´ve killed the last remaining troll?” says Anthony who has this weird habit of merging right into the background. “Can we salvage any equipment from the remains?”

“Remains,” says the GM incredulously, peering confidently once again over his GM screen. “You incinerated the mage. There is nothing – N-O-T-H-I-N-G.”

“Right,” says Anthony. It is like the space and time continuum merge to conceal him once more from the world.

“Sorry, what was that?” says Veronica.

The GM, Veronica, and Rob look around the room and look at him.

“It wasn´t me I say,” Antony says.

“Right,seeing as we just lost a major part of our team,” says the GM. “I´m going to take that bloody dog for a walk. Every time I get a free moment he starts that annoying yelping.”

The other two nod and reach into bags for the packed lunches they have packed into their respective backpacks.

“Anyone for a game of Magic?” says Veronica.


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