Visitors – part 3

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The door swung open with a creak causing Lucy to put her hands to her face. Peeping between her fingers, she saw there was nothing in the hallway. She let out a sigh of relief; no need to worry after all. All her fear of the dark had come to nothing: no psychotic boyfriend, no spirits – nothing. There was a muted sound from the television downstairs but all else was silent. Turning back, she found herself caught by her reflection in the bedside mirror. There was something dreadfully amiss about it. She was lifting up her hand to make out the figure more clearly as she didn’t have her glasses when she noticed what was wrong – the shape didn’t move. The impossibility of her reflection rebelling against her made her question what she was seeing but to her dismay on stepping closer the shape remained the same. Now, she was just being stupid she thought. Seeing what wasn’t in the dark and that was why she turned on the light. Her eyes bulged in the sockets and her hands reached up to wipe the ghastly image from her sockets but to no avail.

“That’s no way to greet an old friend,” said a voice in the mirror.

Lucy stood frozen in front of the image of her bestfriend – the one she thought had drowned in the Anderson Lake after the boating accident.

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