The ABCs

alphabet soupA is for Anonymity and the power it brings:

what mobs and avatars share.


B is for bluster, bang and blame

The weapons they use in debate.


C is citations, and the absence of them

The impossibility of debating ideas.


D is for Death, and your life online,

And the trolls who will dance on your grave.


E is for expert:  a convincing ID

Attached to an email address.


F is for forum, short for asshole

Shouting another one down.


G is to google: a verb to describe

The act of idly searching.


H is Huffington Post , at which point

your search likely will end.


I is for interactivity: the simple act

Of clicking Like.


J is for all the countless justifications

You make for not doing so.


K is for kiss and tell, and the scandals

We lap up, thinking we’re  better informed.


Lol is for lies and complicity

Lol is not laugh out loud.


Meme is  an uninspiration diluted

Thousands and thousands of times.


N is for no: what you cannot say

to ads that crop up before videos.


O is for OMG, when you’re too shocked

to type the remaining letters, or you’re illiterate. You decide.


P is for profit: what others are constantly trying to make

Whether you twig to it or not.


Q is for all the quibbling you will do,

While trying to change minds.


R is for real-life which won’t be palmed off

With all your VR lies.


S is for snoop. Sometimes you catch others

With their pants down.


T is for tastemakers: the new elite who

Choose at which trivial video we will laugh.


U is for user and what you do

And have done to you.


V is for the visionary non-stop life

of Google-glass. Let’s hope it doesn’t kill us off.


W is for whatsapp, and what the hell

Happened to our little romantic moment, smartphone?


XXX is the amazing human body,

When the scrutiny is not scientific.


Y is for you, the group, divided,

not a uniform mass of liberated consumers.


Z is for zeitgeist, and the value of following

When you could have been living.


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