Generators can be fun


What shall we call this story?

  • Splintered Male
  • The Ravaged Kiss
  • The Sucking Dream
  • Door of Birth
  • The Bride’s Words


What’s it all about?

Plot Scenario generator

The story starts when your protagonist swears to remain single.

Another character is a psychic who was forced to commit a crime.

And the twist?

The villain abducts the heroine’s personal assistant.

Where does this drama take place?

Glofield Drive. An imposing Victorian residence in a retirement village.

What obstacles does our heroine face?

Everyday Problems Generator

Your character has problems with contact dermatitis (rashes due to allergies), has nightmares about crucifixes, and can’t stand The History Channel

Also believes that many problems can be cured by meditation.

What does she look like?

This woman has olive skin, brown eyes and short, straight black hair. She is 5′ 4″ and has a plump build. Her clothes are usually quite tacky and she prefers them to be form fitting. She has a strange tattoo on her stomach. She often wears a glass earring in one ear. People tend to find her unattractive, and she looks older than she really is.

What is her name?

Constance Robyn Winton

What motivates her?

Driven by unbridled rage, her goal is to cause others to fear her name.

If this leaves you wanting more. Website, Seventh Sanctum is a great place to go with lots of great links. You can even generate stories but normally this just means selecting random words to go into a template.

I will defnitely be using some of these tools over time just help the creative process. For those who need a nudge to get writing, there are other writing exercise generators such as this

Write an hundred word treatment for a movie incorporating: nuns and revenge with toys.

or maybe you lack a starter:

The slimy mortician smiled at the guard in the small town to confuse the investigator.


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