The end of summer resolutions


1. I will begin to fill big textbooks with material. Every day I will complete my word count of 500 words. There will be a rough story structure for each approx. 3,000 story. Once completed, the draft will be left to stew until the end of February 2014. Every story I complete will merit a mention in the blog. And that is all. This process will begin as of today, and finish on January 1st, 2014.

ReportersNotebooks2. Sending material to poetry completitions. I will also use my very proper little notebook to record observations of life as I commute. I will use these to write poems using traditional poetic form. I will be mindful of stress and foot. Every completed draft will merit a blog entry as a record.



ReportersNotebooks3. I will continue to sketch in pen and ink, as well as pencil. I will continue to sculpt in plasticine, but will also try other media.





4. I will be studying on coursera so I will publish links to interesting material, now and again.




ReportersNotebooks5. I would like to have the life of Barcelona in these posts, so I will also try to translate documents to give you a taste of life here.


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