The banquet of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Utrecht in January 1546


First course: Beef and Mutton, ham and tongue, soup, calf’s head, venison with turnips, strained peas, roast veal, hot swan, gosling, turkey, veal pâté, udder pâté and side-dishes.

Second course: Breast of Veal, roast sausages, tripe, cutlets, venison stew, hot venison pâté, roast pheasant, roast capon, plover, heron, partridge pâté, roast spring chicken, pigeon and side-dishes.

Third course: Peacock, partridge, teal, fox, pork jelly, hot pigeon pâté, cold heron pâté, blancmange (white savoury sauce), clear (aspic) jelly, roast duck, roast drake, joint of mutton and side dishes.

Fourth course: Cold turkey pâté, cold venison pàté, hare pâté, partridge pâté, heron pàté, boar’s head, cold swan, bustard, crane, pheasant pâté.

Fifth course: Three varieties of jelly, three varieties of dried fruit, three varieties of preserves, a castreling (form of nougat), a flan, a tart, raw and cooked pears, aniseed, medlars, chestnuts, cheese. When everything had been cleared away, except the tablecloths, wafers and biscuits were served with white and red hippocras. The meal was preceded by dry toasts and malmsey

According to the accounts of John of Vandenesse cited in Mandrou, Robert. Introduction to Modern France, 1500-1640: An Essay in Historical Psychology. New York: Holmes & Meier, 1976. Print.


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