Poetry Issue # 152


There are so many exciting examples of ezines on the web. Here is one published on WordPress, Gloom Cupboard, which despite the name is not actually gloomy but short and sweet.

Gloom Cupboard

Words have a way of staying put even after they have escaped the mouth of someone, even after the speaker or writer has long-since passed away.

In this way, words are a sort of magic or sorcery (as a friend describes them: that they posses the power to evoke things from within people, similar to summoning entities). And it holds true, still, that words don’t need to wait for their creator (or conveyor) to die.

Some of us who have the privilege to speak or write for others that cannot, or that do write but their work is withheld from us. Or they themselves are withheld from us, like detainees. Or “not like” but actual detainees, prisoners, like the ones that are on hunger strike in Pelican Bay and Guantanamo Bay.

I agree with this.

Imagine what the world would’ve been like if we were taught to read poems instead…

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