Three being readied for submission

I hope to have three poems submitted to an online magazine this week. I have failed my deadline, but I will be more than happy to have them revised and ready for market by next Sunday. I have chosen a magazine, and I think I can write three poems to their liking, eventually, I suppose, or rather, I hope. I am also waiting for the results of a writing competition in the next two weeks. It would be so good to have an honourable mention, or even any mention at all really. Odds are slim, and I am an amateur, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up.  Also, this week, I discovered the poet George Szirtes has a really helpful blog. I also discovered the Poetry Foundation’s podcast, Avante-Garde All the time. I loved this month’s recording, Driven by Soundtracks, which is a compilation of soundtracks from offbeat website, Ubuweb. All in all a great week.2584174182_ffd5c24905_z


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