A sample of the website, Language is a Virus

Each of the pictures below represents the output from a language generator on the website, Language is a Virus. Click on them to try them out for yourself. I could justify the decision to put this on the blog, but then again why bother. Language is a virus, so go get infected.

The Cut Up machine using extract from a page on Vin Diesel:


Visual poetry created using the poem, ‘And Death shall have no dominion’ by Dylan Thomas:


Poetry Gyroscope (replacing standard words in a poem with a different set, randomly allocated.)


And if you struggle to think up those random words, do what I did.

Sentence builder combines clauses and phrases to help you find the sweet spot. Here’s the sample set:



From this base set, it generated:


Sentence tree arranges all the words from a text into a box revealing potential combinations. Here’s a sample using the Bee Gees hit song, Jive Talkin’:


Linguasso creates random images. It’s kinda fun too. Here’s a sample:


And finally why not create a ‘random’ poem. You choose the options based on a Rimbaud  poem. The final version is yours. I think. Maybe:



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