Homophonic translation: At Dee’s cuz a man drank Latte

Extract from  ADIOS A “MANOLETE” by Gerardo Diego (1896-1987)


Y te vas recto, recto

¿como el río a la mar?

A la mar de la muerte

tus alamares van.


No como el agua dulce

que duda y vuelve atrás

antes del trago amargo

de efervescencia y sal,


sino como la bala

que ciega y recta va

al blanco que la hechiza

con pupila fatal,


From 66 experiments by Charles Bernstein’s:



This is what I produced (more or less the same sounds, sometimes not):

At Dee’s cuz a man drank Latte

Eat hay bass wreck toe, wreck toe
comb noel reader a lamb are
a lamb are deli where tea
two salad Ares ban.

No comb noel lack war dull thane
key dude a eave bell boy at rats
and its delta go and cargo
deaf ever Bev fence see ya assault,

See no comb on label as
Kayce age are ear wreck toe Bart
pal blank okay lay ear cheetah
con pupil a fat Al


The Links (if you’re curious):
Ron Silliman’s blog: Saturday, August 30, 2003
The Boundless Chaos of Living Speech: A Homophonic Translation by Hugh Thomas & an Essay by Sarah Bernstein

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