S001 Introduction to Art


Week one: Wallow in hallucinations.
Be that bum who always strips at parties,
who corners the painter who talks about truth.
Be the last to leave, then go to your Art.
Week two: Be that crook who never pays his bills.
Surface from bed wooed by Whiskey on Krispies.
Bite the heads off flowers simply for the thrill.
True Art is in dissecting TV series.
Week three: Spread your palette on a pizza box.
Spin your brush ‘tween fingers, your Samurai sword.
Email the painter: “No, I’m not a stalker.”
Hand in the first day’s work covered in coleslaw.
Our team is here to help you help ourselves,
to hide away when it’s time to give counsel.


9 thoughts on “S001 Introduction to Art

  1. aloha Raoul. excellent syllabus. it brought up shades of Grapefruit by Yoko Ono—transformed of course (one of my all time favored books).

    cut out small pieces of the sky. use them as postcard palettes. send them to other planets.

    aloha. rick.

    • aloha, Rick. Shades of Grapefruit sounds like a great read by the wonderful Yoko Ono. ( also how does ‘aloha’ work? Is it ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’? aloha. Raoul

      • oh. Yoko Ono’s book is “Grapefruit”. i meant to give the impression that your work had a relationship to it when i said “shades” of Grapefruit.

        yes, aloha is used both for arrival and departure. it has many nuances. a literal translation might be “to give one’s breath” or “to give the breath of life” or “to give the breath of God” (God as in the spark of life) to a person. which works for both arriving and departing of course.

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