Poetic Pregnancy with Fruit and Veges – A DIY POEM

Looking forward to giving this a go.

Katrina Ward ex Outie NZ


Here is a writing template for you to use a keepsake poem of your pregnancy.

For each ‘week’ there is a fruit or vegetable size comparison (courtesy of parents.com – how big is your baby this week?) followed by a simile or metaphor of your choice.

Of course you can change it up and switch it around (you feel like, you sound like etc.)  and you might like to add extra lines or extra feelings or change the size references to suit you and your own tastes – but this is a nice easy starting point to record your pregnancy poetically.


1.      For each week write a line using the following format:

You are a [insert fruit or vege here] but to me you are like a[insert simile]/you are a [insert a metaphor or adjective of your own]

2. End the poem with…

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