Be the Ping Pong (Ping Pong Parenting)

Become the Ping Pong. Breathe in.. Nice.

Katrina Ward ex Outie NZ

ImagePing Pong Parenting. (Be the Ping Pong)


Last night my children played ping pong with me. When one cried, I flew to the rescue.

Moments later I was sent flying to tend to the other child’s needs.

They were tireless and played with me for hours.

I have woken this morning feeling fuzzy and maybe a bit more like an old tennis ball…

But parenting is about rolling with the punches and trying to stay light. Trying to be calm even though you are angry at having your sleep stolen, trying to be wise when really you have no idea… So I’m sure I can learn from this.


I can be Ping Pong. I can be smooth…


Be like water – Bruce Lee

Be like the Ping Pong – me


Be like the Ping Pong my friend. A ping pong is hard and soft at once…

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