My day

I rise for a spell at seven thirty for slippers
Gown, help put on my wife’s socks, zip her
boots up, kiss her off to work, struggle
to stay on the left side of sleep, tumble
Back into bed, and out again at 9 to cries
Two brown eyes cradled needing milk
In measures of one eighty mil in three
Hourly doses. I prep the first for the day,
shake out hot drops on my wrist, wake
Baby then bib, suckle, coffee, grandma,
Walk the dog, and sweep the house, I change
Nappies and channels, send CVs, goodbye
Grandma. Feed, breathe out, read the news, bathe
Baby. Secrets of the old bridge are revealed
Then quiz shows, and walk the dog, I snooze
As wife returns, grandma, grandpa, Goodbye.
Comes the dark, light the butterfly lantern
baby grasps my finger then folds into sleep.


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