Blood on the dancefloor


Keegan says
The depth
Of the killing
Is the effective range
Of the most
Prevalent weapon,
So where should I
Sit in this fiesta?
Can I cut
The barbed wire tongues,
From cold dips,
Spandau Ballet
The no-ones
No-one dances with,
Who medicate in beer or silence?
Within the centre,
A wit fires off.
Cue raucous acid laughter.
Cue the next song.


2 thoughts on “Blood on the dancefloor

  1. A lovely poem, especially the lines about the Spandau Ballet hits. They were very good, I think they’ve released a new album. And the part about the no ones no ones dances with. You’ve given it a good title, Blood on the dance floor, very apt.

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