Children’s Names (Spain)


Abundancia´s diaper overflows
Babil babbles, dribbles, gobbles
Custodia styles her hair with custard
Delfino as a card shark is divine
Emerenciana talks in a funny manner
Fredegunda counts the seconds
Galaxión too big for tickling
Helmetrudis has her head straight
Iluminada is illuminating
Jacaranda’s anaconda bites
Kinisburga eats his bogeys live
Lobo will keep howling at the moon
Oh so many mysteries, Misterios!
Norberto’s sherbet sticky sticks are icky
Onésimo won’t miss the show, nor
Purificación make a commotion
Queremón’s Pokemons know love
Rústico always scrumping by the brook
Saturnina rings her concertinas
Teopompo dresses Neo-Gothic
Ubaldo’s oboe woes don’t show
Vandregisilo has a wandering toe
Willebaldo trawls the bedroom floor
Xanatipa collects people
Sweet Ya laughs 5 minutes after
and Zabulon lets the taps run.


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