Up Close: In the Pines by Karl Edward Wagner


In short: A couple, Gerry and Janet, recovering from the death of their son in a car accident take time away in a holiday cabin. However, Gerry’s “bargain” with the flapper ghost who lives in the house puts paid to that, and they die – horribly. 

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Bad Company


After the primal scream brainstorming sessions, Miriam thought it couldn’t get any worse. Tables were up-ended, chairs strewn around the room. Her colleagues were like walking wounded, some with mascara running, lipstick smeared, others with their hair in wild bouffants, most were in various stages of undress. And there sat Mr. Stephens in the centre of it all, on his swivel chair, observing them, a grey clipboard on his lap, suit pristine, nose wrinkled, an evil gleam in his eye, still as a cobra about to strike.

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