Up Close: Fits by Alice Munro


The drift neatly covered the fence that usually separated the street from the field. He had walked over the fence  without knowing what he was doing. The snow was that hard.

He walked here and there, testing. The  crust took his weight without  a whisper or a crack. It was the same everywhere. You could walk over  the snowy fields as if you were walking on cement. (This morning, looking at the snow,  hadn’t he thought of marble?) But this paving was not flat. It rose and dipped in a way that had not much to do with the contours of the ground underneath. The snow created its own landscape, which was sweeping, in a grand and arbitrary style.

Don’t you just love it when an author loads meaning into almost every word. Mystery is at the heart of this story that reads like a detective novel, and an investigation into the psyche.

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