Up Close: The Master Builder by Christopher Fowler

I originally read this story in the author’s collection, Uncut (1999). The front cover of the copy which is in the UK has bite-marks thanks to one of the family cats, Lulubelle. For this blog, I am using the version in the horror anthology I Shudder at your touch (1992). I ❤ Gigagmesh books.

Unlike the previous posts I have not given away the ending but left it up to the reader to get a copy, or watch the tv movie, Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992).

In terms of storytelling, the protagonist, Laurie, has a strong goal as she is intent on getting on with her life after splitting up with her boyfriend, Jerry. She overcomes everyday obstacles but their significance only becomes clear as the story develops. The main dramatic question would be the mystery which peaks unexpectedly. The outcome, however, feels secondary to the sensation of being in an elaborately-built trap, much like the one in the final scene of The Italian Job (1969).