Coining new worlds


When I am tired, I like to find new terms
from odds and ends of Latin and of Greek.

Take andromancy: power over men
or technogasm at a new smartphone.

And other times I like to coin my own
for shits and giggles, or to pass the time.

My babblenacle’s where I am inspired
or use the cygnet when the inter’s flown.

I want the freedom to invent new worlds,
realities although they fall down flat –

A world of plenty like lactopia
where materates is how people train

to live life in a proteocracy
whose gynesis is passed on every day

in cunniform, that ancient nether script,
by hooded cliticians who dream vivid visions

of phallocrats who break down phallacies
like how can market free, if we are not,

and if a strike is surgical, then loss
in casualties can’t be a toy of chance.

I like to make up words when I am tired
though meaning making lies not in my hands.