update on resolutions

Last month, I made a clear list of journals to submit to, then failed to submit to any.

Rattle Magazine
Apex Magazine
Poetry Magazine
Science Fiction Poetry Assocation
Sanitarium Magazine
5-2 crime poetry weekly
Nailed magazine
Liminality Poetry
Tattoo Highway

I have not followed them at all. Instead, I have dedicated my time to playing on free apps for my Ipad (see appshopper/appspy/pockettactics).

The first obstacle I encountered, and the motivation for my time-wasting was that I appear to write whatever comes off the top of my head – genre/technique and plans be damned. I am clearly not a poet’s poet. Secondly, I am a poor creator of titles. As proof, I have included a selection from the index for the spring 2014 edition of Star*Line (Science Fiction Poetry Association):

The Square Root of Doppelgängers • Robert Borski
“no up down …” • LeRoy Gorman
“walking the spaceport” • Ross Balcom
You Can Never Go Back • James S. Dorr
“trinket Earth” • Anna Sykora
Courtship • Ken Poyner
“gravity off ” • Joshua Gage
Enceladus Colony • semi
Package Disclaimers • Robert & Phoebe Frazier
Shipbreak • Jane Røken
To His Coy Dalek / How to Reconcile • Russell Jones
Pauli Neutrino Telescope, Antarctica, July 14, 2033 • David Barber
“behind a horizon” • Dietmar Tauchner
“Human-alien translator broken” • Matthew Wilson
I Married the Creature from the Black Lagoon • Robert Borski

Aren’t they great! Make mine (not included) appear lame.

Thirdly, the Jo Bell method must be wonderful if you are on a roll, but with the unholy combination of baby and work, it is not. I didn’t get any of the nine planned monthly poems out.

January’s poem (featured on this blog) was created for a poetry group I have joined that meets in the centre of Barcelona. I got lots of great feedback on the above poem such as to mine it for rhythms I have used but not capitalised on. Being with poets is a great incentive to work. I look forward to the next meeting.

In my class, I did a copy of a well-known photograph from the cover of a Rolling Stone magazine (see below). My teacher, Vilches, likes fantasy illustration. As do I. He recommended that I take a look at Boris Vallejo (the illustrator I would have featured at the top as clickbait if I were at all sure of the issue of copyright). There is something very earthy about his brand of fantasy that I like, and he is so damned quirky.

When I am frustrated with writing, I sketch people I see from the window of the bus on my commute to work. Every face is a portrait, every posture a sketch. It’s very satisfying when you get across someone’s character with a few lines.


Finally, I haven’t responded to any blog posts. And as for the horror story – who knows!

Let’s hope February is more productive.