A week of chiasmus 11-17



I am in the middle of a poem at the moment which is still very much a work in progress. I have a structure, but the centre is empty. At moments like this, I want to imagine myself as Kevin Costner’s Iowa Corn farmer character in the movie, Field of Dreams, who builds a baseball stadium in the hope of attracting the fans because he hears a voice telling him, “if you build it, they will come.” That has been my attitude to writing for a long while; not just the fans though, but also the spark. I haven’t seen much movement in the fields though, and my spirits, naturally, are waning, so I got onto looking at areas in my writing I could improve on. One absolutely massive area I need to work on is my knowledge of rhetorical devices. It was a shock to discover how little I knew about the Latin terms, so I have decided to devote 2016 on the blog to just that. With this is mind, I will look at one of the key terms each week, and mine sources ancient and modern for examples. In this study, I hope to find the the materials I need to build my stadium. Accepted, I won’t necessarily get the fans, or the spark, but I would like to become a more ¬†thoughtful, able writer in the process, as well as help others who might be similarly struggling. Come along for the ride if you like. All examples posted by visitors will be warmly received.