Como Dios manda


No-one moves for the ambulance
trapped in traffic.

Cars make pedestrian crossings
at light speed on Amber.

Parents make their children squat to pee
or else they loft them high to aim.

The world walks in the middle of the road,
with pushchairs and trolleys, pitbulls and motos.

Dogs bark at each other in fear, and
the owners smile opaquely.

Rubbish in the gutter
shows where cars once were.

Rubbish on the pavement
shows where people walked.

If you they ask, they shrug.
If you shout, they shrug.

If you walk away, they shrug
but you can’t see them shrugging.

Best to shrug with them, I guess
as there is nothing else you can do.

Best leave them all to it.
Best leave them all alone,

como Dios manda.