One in, another incoming

20130915-131638.jpgI got going with the story plan and I am pleased with the results. The space of 3,000 words in five daily parts is enough to really explore an idea. The first story draft in the notebook may never be more than that. I guess I just like following the tails of thoughts to see where they go. Yes, counting words on paper is frustrating because I get distracted and lose count. It’s a small loss for the freedom I gain. You see, working on a PC makes it much easier to edit and cut out ideas. Too easy. I suppress ideas, or cut sentences before they have had their time in the sun. Committing words to paper feels like working without a net, in comparison. The mistakes are richer for being unintentional. Freed from the audience, I feel less like a faker. There is just a hand and a notebook. No-one cares what the results will be. What comes will come, in time, and if not, there is always another draft story on the horizon.